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Quick steps to choose the best invoice printer for restaurants

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Due to growing restaurant businesses, restaurant owners are now worried about catering their customers effectively and efficiently. For this purpose, alongside maintaining the food quality and hiring thrifty staff, restaurant owners are planning to deploy effective POS systems.

Henceforth, choice of right printers plays a pivotal role in effective POS system and business growth. Receipt printers are an essential part of each eatery or retail stores' point of sale (POS) system.

For efficient payments process, businesses need this technology to print Debit/credit card slips and customer bill receipts, etc. The more clear and useful the system is; the more chances are there for business growth. For that purpose, Xerox printers could be considered as a great option for best printer providers.

Now let's walk through the steps for choosing the best invoice printer for your restaurant.

best invoice printer for restaurants

1. Know your business needs

Depending upon the business scale, business needs can be determined. Knowing your business needs first is essential. For example, if you are running a restaurant on a small scale, you would need to generate smaller and fewer invoices.

In contrast to later, a large scale continental and Thai restaurant might need to produce large receipts and invoices. Thus the scale and popularity of your restaurant determine your business needs. And a sufficient knowledge about your business needs will help you in making the right purchase choice of invoice printer.

2. Know your budget

As a next step, consider allocating a suitable budget. Thus, knowing your business needs and budget will filter out a lot of printer options. Hence, you will be left with much narrow and clearer options to consider.

Another important aspect while allocating budget is to keep in mind the technology factor. Like if you want to go for a receipt printer with advanced technology that would cost you more as compared to a printer with not so advanced technology.

3. Acquaintance with the printer technology

Based on the allocated budget, you can further decide on the technology that is in close compliance with your budget. For example, in receipt printers, various printer technologies are currently found in the market. In order to help you better in making the right decision, few of the technologies that are in demand for receipt printers are described as follows:

· Impact printers

They use small pins and an ink ribbon to generate a sequence of dots that produce the letters on each receipt. They usually use a combination of black and red ink and can print graphics. Impact printers are suitable for kitchen environments, as the performance of thermal printers can be disturbed by varying kitchen temperatures.

· Thermal printers

Besides impact printers, thermal printers show high-speed results and in high quality. Moreover, the printing process is quite less noisy than impact printers. They print by having direct contact between the thermal head and thermal paper, using heat. Their major advantage is that they work independently without ink or toner.

· Inkjet printers

As soon as the technology of inkjet printers has evolved, they are again back into the scene. They make use of print heads which strikes tiny droplets of liquid ink onto the receipt. This hence results in an HD print, color logos or coupons.

As a friendly suggestion, the majority of the restaurants and retail stores, specifically small to medium-sized businesses, do not need this.

4. Choosing a specific model

Last but not least, as soon as you are done with the later steps, the battle of finding the right invoice printer completes when a specific model is also decided. Here are some qualities to look for in a POS printer model:

  • pleasant design to save desk space
  • Solid design for heavy use
  • Easy and quick integration
  • Lesser wiring cluster
  • Cables included
  • An automatic paper jams avoidance tech
  • Fast printing speeds – 200 or more mm/sec

Final thought

Finally after considering all the steps needed to choose the best printer for your restaurant consider visiting the respective renowned printer providing vendors such as Xerox printers. After going through the details on the site make a quick order and keep your restaurant growing with a suitable new printer.

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